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3 years ago


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Constellation is a little game I made alone during a Ludum Dare (sounds, "arts" if we can call this art, and code). You can try it directly here Is also on…

3 years ago


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Dreamirl is a gaming platform I made using on client BackboneJS (+jquery & underscore), Bootstrap, RequireJS, moment, less, stash, and few other stuff. NodeJS with, mongodb, express, lo…

3 years ago

Twitch Plays Robot War

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Here is a project I'm working on right now. Two robots made with Lego and an Intel Edison. Each one is streaming on a channel, and viewers decide which action it'll execute next turn. Today I finishe…

3 years ago

About this website

Hey ! So this website is about me and what I do. Because I want everybody can see my old work, I want this website to be as a portfolio, I will do articles about it, for those who knows me and my old…